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Leaving your home unattended on a late-summer trip? What could go wrong?

Leaving your home unattended on a late-summer trip? What could go wrong?

614now Staff

There is a new type of service provider in Columbus that you need to know about! What is Home Watch and why would you need it?

Not everyone in central Ohio is familiar with the term Home Watch, let alone realize that such a professional service is now available in the area! The definition of home watch is the visual inspection of a home’s exterior and interior, looking for obvious issues. When you plan an extended vacation, you naturally think of asking your neighbor or a family member to keep an eye on your home, but that can eventually become a burden on them and can possibly create a rift in the relationship. 

Beyond extended travel, there are other scenarios where Home Watch might be needed: following a medical event a loved one may have to leave their home for an undetermined amount of time while rehabbing, a homeowner passes away and the house is sitting unattended while the estate is being settled, a home is purchased but the new owner won’t be moving to the area for a period of time, etc. In a nutshell, Home Watch is a risk mitigation service, with the goal of identifying potential issues before they start and managing any issues that do arise, to limit damage. 

Owner Susan Briggs has many examples of issues that she has encountered during home visits. Her latest “catch” involves a hose that was left running in a flower bed, with the nozzle lying right against the foundation—you can imagine the damage that could have caused, let alone the high water bill! Although the homeowner thought they had prepared the house for their extended trip, they did not realize the hose was still on. This is just one example of Home Watch Columbus’ attention to detail. An unoccupied home is a vulnerable home, so adding another layer of protection by engaging a professional home watch provider is a smart way to ensure you come home to find your house in the condition you left it. 

Home Watch Columbus is central Ohio’s first and only NHWA certified, bonded, and insured professional provider. Owner, Susan Briggs says the company prides itself on delivering outstanding, trustworthy service and prompt communication. Each client’s home is unique and everyone’s reason for leaving their home unattended is different. Home Watch Columbus tailors their home visits to the individual and provides detailed post visit reports, including time stamped pictures —all of which offers the homeowner peace of mind while they are away. 

For more information check out their website at or call/text/email at 614.562.9371 or [email protected].


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