We visited the weirdest and wildest roadside attractions nearby for the April issue of (614) Magazine; Check them out here!

Jack McLaughlin

From world’s largest washboard to larger-than-life Ronald McDonald statutes, Ohio is full of fascinating roadside attractions.

Our April edition of (614) Magazine, “The Road Trip Issue,” visited 24 of the weirdest and wildest we could find within 75 miles of Columbus. While many you’ve likely already heard of make the cut, including Franklinton’s giant slingshot and the world’s largest ping pong paddle housed in the Downtown location of Pins Mechanical Co., there’s a whole more where that came from.

Instead of giving them away here, you can find each section of our area’s roadside relics (broken down into three geographical categories) here:

Roadside Attractions East

Roadside Attractions Central Columbus

Roadside Attractions West

Come see what we found on the open road, how to plan your own Ohio road trip, plus a whole lot more in the April issue.


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