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This 100+ year old business is saying goodbye to German Village and Bexley locations

This 100+ year old business is saying goodbye to German Village and Bexley locations

Sav McKee

Take it easy on the loaded cheese fries, Columbus — there’s now two less places to get your clothes dry-cleaned.

Family owned business, Callander Cleaners, is closing both of their German Village and Bexley locations this July after being in business for over 100 years. The Callanders founded their dry-cleaning business in 1906, with their first ever store on Town Street. In the 1920’s, the German Village location opened, and then the Bexley area storefront followed suit in the 1950’s.

Their German Village store at 256 E. Whittier St., with the original embossed tin ceiling and huge windows looking out to the brick streets, has already switched over to a “pick-up only” business model; no one can bring in their clothing items for cleaning anymore.

Callander’s German Village location; photo via Callander’s Google Page


One German Village location employee mentioned that the closing “…is sort of sad. It’s been at this location forever. We’ve always been a staple here. A customer told us, ‘I don’t like change!’ We have regulars here who have been coming here forever. None of them are angry at our closing, but they seem disappointed and sad.”

Another employee at the Bexley location, at 2850 E. Main St., confirmed the July closing, but had no further statements. 

While we’re sad to see a long-standing family business end in our city, serving the Columbus community for 117 years is a feat in and of itself. 

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