Columbus’ first-ever ‘Ice Bumper Cars’ are coming soon!

Sav McKee

Did you know that every year, there’s a “Wintergarden” in Columbus, complete with igloos, fire pits, and ice curling? And now, ice bumper cars.

Land-Grant Brewing Company, located at 424 W. Town St., has already transformed into a Wintergarden this year, and in a couple of weeks (their social media says probably around 2), they’re adding Ice Bumper Cars to their icy, beer-friendly, adult playground. 

“Land-Grant’s Wintergarden is getting BIGGER. Don’t worry. The igloos and curling you know and love aren’t going anywhere. But, we’ve expanded into Gravity Park with @gravitycolumbus here in Franklinton (just steps away from our current beer garden) where we’ll be serving up cold beer + operating Columbus’ first Ice Bumper Cars. Who’s ready?” reads a social media post. 

Here’s a sneak peek:

They mentioned that if you sign up for their newsletter, you’ll be one of the first to be able to see their exact opening date, and one of the first to get first dibs on reservations. There will be an age restriction for these, as they do move pretty fast across the ice.

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