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‘First of its kind center in the United States’ offers low-cost vet care, and it just opened in Columbus

‘First of its kind center in the United States’ offers low-cost vet care, and it just opened in Columbus

Sav McKee

The Columbus Humane has been dedicated to serving neglected and abused animals for the past 140 years, and now, they’re extending their support to pet owners as well.

Those of us who own pets know that the financial burden of unexpected vet bills can be quite daunting. The Columbus Humane’s new Essential Care Center, located at 3772 S. High St., is making vet care more affordable. This incredible initiative not only benefits our pets in the long-run, but it also alleviates the overcrowded shelters that are often the result of humans not having the financial means to care for their pets.

This Essential Care Center has a trio of unique missions, making it the first of its kind in the United States. First, they offer a low-cost, high-quality care option for sick and injured animals, which their website emphasizes, “Columbus completely lacks.” For example, wellness exams only cost $36 for cats and $55 for dogs, compared to other clinics that charge almost double, and usually triple for that care.

Additionally, the center operates a drive-thru pantry, providing a platform for Columbus residents to either donate or pick up free food and supplies for their pets.

Photo of the drive-thru panty via Columbus Humane’s Website

They’ve also recognized the industry shortages in the veterinary world, so they started a veterinary assistant training program that’s generously supported by the Rachael Ray Foundation. 


Overall, this new center is committed to helping with pet food assistance, emergency boarding, emergency vet care, and especially low cost veterinary care.

This endeavor wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Columbus’ animal lovers, who, in total, raised $6 million for the establishment of this new center.

They’re open 9am-12pm and 1-4:30pm, Monday through Fridays, and closed on the weekends. If you and your pet are in need, please make an appointment before visiting here.

Thank you for all that you do and have done, Columbus Humane!

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