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Popular Columbus venue threatens trolls with “ban for life” from ticket platforms

Popular Columbus venue threatens trolls with “ban for life” from ticket platforms

Jack McLaughlin

A popular Columbus music and entertainment venue is cracking down on the online criticism.

In a post made to its social media accounts yesterday morning, The King of Clubs, a Columbus music venue that was opened by owners Ricky and Angela Wolf in 2021, conveyed its stance against online trolls loudly and clearly.

“We don’t do toxic and negative at TKOC. We’re not impressed with your memes and hateful quips against the artists we book that you don’t like,” the statement reads.

Ricky Wolf told 614Now the recent post came about after the venue booked a band recently that received “negative and hateful comments that have numbered too many to count.”


Typically, Wolf said the venue deletes the negative comments and bans the user. If they’re particularly bad, however, he has another avenue to take.

“If they’re particularly bad like ‘We need to get this guy a Titantic tour sub ticket,’ then we do a little research, go to our ticket platform and order them to ban you for life from buying tickets under your name ever again.”

According to the venue owners, the post was made primarily to support artists.

“We believe it’s our fiduciary duty to the artist and talent we book to represent them professionally. That includes monitoring our social media post and deleting toxic comments with a zero tolerance policy mindset,” Wolf told 614Now.

Currently, the post has over 2,000 likes on the venue’s Facebook page alone.

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