UFOs, Ghosts, and Bigfoot?: Columbus rated one of country’s top cities for paranormal activity

Jack McLaughlin

Bigfoot in the Hocking Hills, Mothman on the West Virginia Border,  humanoid frogs in Ohio and much more. Whether you realize it or not, the Buckeye State is rife with accounts of paranormal creatures and activity. 

While we’re not entirely sold on the idea of quantifying paranormal activity, we’re here for any and all attempts.


According to a May, 2023 study, Columbus is the 15th best city in the United States (out of the country’s 200 most popular) for paranormal activity.

The study, conducted by Lawnlove, rated cities depending on their number of Bigfoot sightings, number of UFO sightings, the number of “haunted sites” an area has, the city’s total number of paranormal conventions and events, in addition to 14 other metrics.

Interestingly, four Ohio cities were included in the list’s top 30, including Cincinnati (27), Toledo (29) and Cleveland (30), which was a top-5 city in the country for ghost sightings, according to the study.

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