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A retro candy shop + market is opening in the building of a now-closed iconic pub

A retro candy shop + market is opening in the building of a now-closed iconic pub

Sav McKee

You know the saying: when one door pub closes, another one candy store opens.

Clancey’s pub, a Delaware staple for affordable drinks and live music, closed in 2020 after serving the Delaware community and college students for nearly two decades. 

Cat Wimer saw the empty Clancey’s building at 40 S. Sandusky St. as the perfect place to live out her dream that she’s had lingering in her mind since middle school – a retro candy store that features local art. She immediately fell in love with the building, envisioning all of the items she’s been collecting in her garage and her parents’ basement livening up the space.

“Copper Brick Market will be like…hm, if you smoosh a Cracker Barrel gift shop with a cool boutique,” laughed Cat.


Her goal is to make Copper Brick Market warm, inviting, and exciting, with coolers full of fun, bottled drinks, shelves with international snacks and retro candies, and walls filled with artwork from small local artists. “It will be an immersive experience – even if you don’t buy anything, it will be one of those places that feels nice just to go in!” said Cat.

Why Delaware, Ohio? Well, besides the fact that it’s up & coming, Cat said that she feels as if more places to shop there would add value to the community, and stores would keep people walking down the streets and exploring all that Delaware has to offer. She also resides in Delaware, and she’s already owned a business there, The Bare Bowl, which she recently sold to pursue Copper Brick Market. 

“Delaware is a marvelous place to be a business owner. All of the merchants are incredibly supportive of each other. The community is great, too. We’re not in the middle of nowhere, but we’re separated enough to have that old town feel, which is just everything I could ever ask for,” Cat said.

Copper Brick Market aims for a middle to end of September opening. It will be located at 40 S. Sandusky St., right in the heart of Downtown Delaware. You can follow along on their Facebook for announcements.

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