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Fast-growing retail craze described as “treasure hunt” opening first Columbus location

Fast-growing retail craze described as “treasure hunt” opening first Columbus location

Jack McLaughlin

While Dollar General recently ran into some trouble in Ohio, this time the company is coming with only good things in tow.

The rapidly-expanding retail brand pOpshelf, a Dollar General concept, is coming to Columbus. According to city records, the first pOpshelf store will be located at 1235 Polaris Pkwy.

Dollar General could not be reached to confirm the new location by the time this story was published, and no opening date has been announced.


Described by Dollar General (among many others) as having “a treasure hunt vibe,” the popular new concept first launched in 2020, and has continued to pick up steam. 

Why is this? First, pOpshelf’s prices are cheap. Not as cheap as Dollar General, but still inexpensive. All item costs are rounded to clean dollar amounts as well, and the majority of items are under $5. 

What appears to be its largest pull is the way pOpshelf prioritizes the act of shopping, embracing the never-know-what-you’ll-find attitude with regular discount sections, rewards boxes and more. The concept also attempts to removes the clutter from the bargain-bin shopping experience, in favor of clean presentations, neat shelves and bright colors.

According to a Modern Retail story, Dollar General COO Jeff Owens referred to the new concept as a “fun, affordable and differentiated treasure hunt experience.”

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