‘First-ever linear park’ for the City: This 7-mile long, 58-acre park is coming to Columbus

Jack McLaughlin

A new park winding through 7 miles and 58 acres is likely coming to Columbus.

On July 10, the Columbus City Council approved legislation allowing the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation to utilize a nearly $250,000 grant from the Ohio Public Works Commission. The grant will be matched by the city, leaving the project with close to $5 million in funding.

Known as the Linden Green Line Project, the City will use the funding to buy a seven-mile stretch of abandoned railway that is owned privately. The park will stretch through the Northland, North Linden and South Linden communities, from Windsor Park (Linden) to Cooper Park (Northland). The railway is, on average, eight feet wide, but a final version of the Green Line Project would see most of it widened to 10 feet.


“These sites are within rapidly urbanizing areas of the city and preservation of key parkland space is one of the main missions of Recreation and Parks. This project will be providing park space within inner city communities,” legislation from the city reads.

Councilman and chair of the parks and recreation committee Mitchell Brown noted the Green Line Project will bring the “first-ever linear park to Columbus.” It will boast 40 different access points, in addition to a designated natural area with wildflowers, forest plantings and more.

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