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Columbus ranked #2 city in the nation for job creation and infrastructure; Ohio ranked #1 state in all of USA

Columbus ranked #2 city in the nation for job creation and infrastructure; Ohio ranked #1 state in all of USA

Sav McKee

The state of Ohio is known for many things: Ohio State football, peanut butter & chocolate candies, cornfields, agriculture, etc., but now, we’re making headlines for our job creation, capital expenditures and strategic infrastructure development.

A recent Global Groundwork Index release compiled by Site Selection Magazine ranked Columbus, Ohio, as the #2 city in all of America for commerce, following Indianapolis in the #1 spot, and Ohio in general as the #1 state for commerce.

This data tracked corporate facility investments for the past 5 years, as well as data on infrastructure projects and job creation in general. According to Site Selection, Columbus is “thriving.”


“Ohio is clearly leading an economic resurgence in the Midwest, and JobsOhio and TeamOhio have consistently delivered results and value for our business community and the people of Ohio,” said J.P. Nauseef, JobsOhio president and CEO, in a press release.

Ohio just announced over $1.5 billion in funding for infrastructure over the next two years, and the state’s new transportation budget is $13.5 billion over the next two years, as well. With the enormous Intel lab making its way to Columbus, apparently, $90 million in state funds will be used for road upgrades as well as other infrastructure components of the deal, according to Site Selection and JobsOhio.

“Ohio ranks Number One in the Global Groundwork Index because we recognize the importance of making strategic investments today that will impact Ohio’s future,” said Ohio Governor Mike DeWine in a press release. “This winning formula includes preparing large-scale sites for industrial development, fortifying infrastructure statewide, nurturing our skilled workforce, streamlining regulatory processes, and collaborating with private industry. Ohio is committed to maintaining this momentum with support from $1.5 billion in our operating budget dedicated to new investments in industrial sites, water infrastructure, brownfield redevelopment, building demolition and site revitalization, and rural industrial parks.”

This ranking solidifies that Columbus, and Ohio, are more than just football and cornfields – we’re a destination and hub for growth, opportunity, and revitalization.

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