Massive new multi-purpose venue with restaurant, arcade, sports simulators, art gallery and more opening this month

Jack McLaughlin

With everything from golf and baseball simulators to a full-service restaurant, live music stages and even giant Jenga, it’s difficult to accurately categorize The Kee, an enormous new multi-purpose venue opening in the Warehouse District on April 28.

But if you ask co-owner Noah Morgensten, who founded the concept beside fellow co-owner Adam Nestler, that’s all part of the plan: to create a space that brings together a wide variety of people with different interests and personalities. 

“We asked ourselves: ‘What’s wrong with the modern community center model?’ Back in rural America, you had the 12 corners, in Europe you had the plaza, where everyone from all demographics would come together. But those are kind of obsolete for Gen Z, for millennials,” Morgensten said. “What wanted to build something that could serve that purpose for all these demographics. We blended creative and performing arts with recreation and leisure.”


The more than 30,000 square-foot former warehouse space, located at 225 Neilston Ave., is divided into segments that feel separate, but still boast an organic room-to-room flow and a general cohesion throughout.

It features a restaurant, art gallery, game rooms, cafe (which converts into a bar), arcade and an additional 700-person capacity event space with a stage for arts and live music.

Some of the Kee’s entertainment options, like ping pong, giant Scrabble and giant chess, is free. Other offerings, such as its arcade or unique multi-sport simulators (which allow users to play golf, baseball and more virtually), require payment.

True to the community-oriented ethos Morgensten connected to the project, The Kee will not charge a booking fee for events, which can be held in most of the concept’s spaces, only enforcing a food and drink minimum.

“We really want to be that modern community center, that modern place everyone feels comfortable hanging out at Friday night; somewhere people can bring their friends when they’re in from out of town to really show off the kind of people and activities we have here,” said Cassie Young, director of sales and booking.

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