Ohio is one of the most ‘Call of Duty’-obsessed states in the country, new study says; Find out where it ranked

Jack McLaughlin

If you’ve noticed that the people around you (or even yourself) are spending an inordinate amount of time battling through the Call of Duty series, you’re likely not the only one to feel this way in The Buckeye State.

Ohio was recently named the 5th most Call of Duty-obsessed state, according to a recent study performed by SecureCheats.

In case you haven’t heard of it, the popular video game series (often referred to as simply COD) spans nearly 20 different first-person shooter games since its release in 2003. The series originally took on World War II as a backdrop before branching out into other settings.


SecureCheats analyzed Google search data from the last 12 months, assigning each state its own “total search score” to discover where the game was most popular.

According to the study, West Virginia is the country’s most Call of Duty-obsessed state, with a total search score of 726, followed by Alaska (704), Kentucky (684) and Indiana (659).

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