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This Clintonville street is deemed one of the most haunted places in Ohio

This Clintonville street is deemed one of the most haunted places in Ohio

Sav McKee

During the day, the Walhalla Ravine is a haven for dog-walkers and city dwellers that need to escape from high-rises. The trees, shade, and sounds of trickling creeks offer a respite from the traffic and businesses on High St.

But during the night, Walhalla Road transforms into one of the most haunted place in Ohio, according to Only In Your State. “Stay away from Ohio’s most haunted street after dark, or you may be sorry,” they said.

There’s a reason some people refer to this area of Clintonville as “The Gates of Hell.”

Walhalla Ravine served as a hide-out for fugitive enslaved people in the 1800’s. The Clinton Chapel at Weber and High St. was a station where fugitive enslaved people were brought behind the church and hidden in the dark woods. Although many people credit this part of Walhalla’s history as why it’s so spooky, there’s even more legends, one being so terrifying that some people refuse to walk Walhalla Road alone. 


Lore has it that there’s a mansion sitting high on a ridge along Walhalla Road, called Mooney Mansion, which was built in 1913. In the 1950’s, apparently a man murdered his wife and daughter. I’ll spare some of the gory details, but the man then committed suicide by hanging himself from the bridge. Some renditions of the legend say that the man then hanged the bodies from the Calumet Street Bridge. Supposedly, blue lights can be seen through the windows of the Mooney Mansion, and if you dare to go under the bridge at night, the reflection of the wife and daughter are illuminated in the water on the right of the road.

Photo via Ohio Exploration Society

This street attracts many ghost hunters and even skeptics alike. One group, The Ghost Hunting Gays of Ohio, claims the energy there is very “off” — as if you’re being watched. One of the group’s leaders, Nick Post, vowed to never walk Walhalla Road alone at night, ever again.

(Please respect the privacy of the residents that reside in Mooney Mansion.)

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