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614feast drops his five favorite Columbus spots for chicken wings

614feast drops his five favorite Columbus spots for chicken wings

Anthony O'Connell

Calling all wing lovers in Columbus! I’m a huge fan of chicken wings – whether they’re
traditional, breaded, smoked and fried, you name it. In this list, I’ve rounded up five of my absolute favorite wing spots in Columbus. When it comes to choosing between drums or flats, I go for whichever is closest! Hot take here, I love either ranch or blue cheese with my wings, also I tend to skip the celery and carrots.

Roadhouse Wings & Grille (2177 Hilliard Rome Rd)
Wings – their wings are big, juicy, crispy, and covered in sauce. I like the casual bowls that they’re served in, it’s charming. The mango habanero is my favorite of their sauces, it’s subtly sweet with lots of heat. A close second is their garlic buffalo, very garlicky in the best way.

CM Chicken (5947 S Sunbury Rd)
Red Hot Pepper Chicken – Spicy, crispy, and tender chicken wings tossed in their addictive gochujang sauce. Gochujang is known for its unique balance of heat, sweetness, and umami, making it a versatile ingredient in many Korean dishes. These are the crispiest wings I’ve ever had, they are still juicy too.


Golden Phoenix Restaurant (4542 Cleveland Ave)
Salt and Pepper wings – I like that the wings are placed on a petite plate, the stack of golden crispy wings look incredible, plus all the peppers and green onion, it’s a visual feast for sure. The wings were very crispy while remaining juicy, also they were seasoned perfectly, with a subtle hint of spice. This is a casual neighborhood spot with great cocktails and food.

Hoggy’s BBQ (830 Bethel Rd)
Smoked and fried wings – jumbo wings that are smoked and then flash fried to order. They have a variety of house made sauces as well as house made ranch for dipping. Suggested sauces: Spicy Hogfire (mango habanero) or the Jamaican Me Crazy (Jamaican jerk sauce with a subtle sweetness and heat).

Barley’s Brewing Company (467 N High St)
Unconventional Wings – grilled wings available with dry rub or saucy. I recommend the lemon pepper for dry rub and the buffalo for sauce, add a side of the incredibly spicy Dragonsbreath on the side if you’re a heat seeker.

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