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A new spot for ramen, poke bowls, and boba tea just opened

A new spot for ramen, poke bowls, and boba tea just opened

Sav McKee

There are few things better than a piping hot bowl of shoyu ramen in the winter time, with dumplings and a milk boba tea on the side.

You can warm up with all of the above at Grove City’s newest restaurant, Bowl Boba, which recently opened a couple of weeks ago at 3949 Hoover Rd. 

This new eatery specializes in Asian fare, specifically ramen, pho, poke bowls, noodle bowls, and small appetizers such as dumplings and steamed buns. Along with the incredible variety of items they’re serving, what makes Bowl Boba especially unique is that they offer a plethora of vegan/vegetarian options as well. Don’t really like pork in your steamed buns? They have a tofu option! Can’t eat roasted beef ramen? No worries – order the vegetable broth option. There’s also a vegetable dumpling option, plus a vegan poke bowl. 


If veganism isn’t really your thing, their wide selection of menu options also include proteins like shrimp, salmon, tuna, beef, chicken, and pork. They also offer a completely customizable poke bowl option.

Boba milk teas, which have become increasingly popular thanks to their colorful nature and tapioca filled “bubbles” that sink to the bottom of the cup, are also popular here, with flavors like honey dew, mango, and even cappuccino. 

Bowl Boba is open Monday through Friday, 11am-9:30pm, and Saturday-Sunday, 12pm-9:30pm.

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