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After costly repairs, this Italian Village bar reaches out for help

After costly repairs, this Italian Village bar reaches out for help

Jack McLaughlin

Following several weeks and a costly repair, a popular Italian Village bar is turning to its customers for help.

According to a post authored by the staff of Little Rock Bar, the Italian Village spot saw its glycol cooling system–which helps to keep beer, cocktails and more cold as they’re served–crash in early August.

After trying to repair the system a total of five times, Little Rock was forced to purchase a entirely new one. A process that, in total, set them back quite a bit.


“A new unit was successfully installed after 7 weeks, during which we sold a variety of canned beer as our sales plummeted and all the momentum we built up over the summer was gone,” the statement reads. “Between repairs, a new unit, days we were closed to accommodate repair schedules, and lost sales. I’m guessing we have taken close to a 40k hit.”

Now, Little Rock is turning to its customers to help them make up the loss, although thankfully the money sunk in the new system “doesn’t appear to be a fatal hit,” accordingLittle Rock staff.

“​​If you have enjoyed coming into Little Rock over the last decade or have fond memories of your time there, PLEASE help us out,” the statement reads. “Make a point of stopping in this week, bring new people to the bar, order some food, leave a fat tip, anything would be of help right now.”

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