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Upper Arlington coffee shop closed after two decades – but now planning on reopening

Upper Arlington coffee shop closed after two decades – but now planning on reopening

Sav McKee

The Upper Arlington community lost their neighborhood staple for a cup of coffee on August 20th, but now, this independent coffee shop is make a return.

Colin’s Coffee, which was located at 3714 Riverside Dr., closed their doors after 20 years due to an undergoing redevelopment, demolition, and construction project by Arcadia Development.

In true Columbus fashion, the community showed an outpouring of support, including the owners of The Daily Growler. Rumors circulated throughout social media that a coffee concept was moving into the UA location of the Daily Growler, and it’s now been confirmed that Colin’s Coffee will live on.


According to Annie Deibel, an employee of both Colin’s Coffee and the Daily Growler, the rumors are true. Colin’s Coffee has officially signed on to share a space with the Daily Growler, and they’re planning on opening for service at the end of September. They’ve already moved the espresso machine in. “Yeah, it’s definitely happening,” Deibel confirmed.

Colin Gawel (the owner of Colin’s Coffee) and the owner of The Daily Growler have been friends for a while, and they decided to team up and combine their concepts. “The Daily Growler is right across the street from Colin’s, and there’s that community aspect of helping each other out around here,” explained Deibel.

“I’ve already had my Colin’s Coffee regulars stop in to say hi at The Daily Growler,” said Deibel. “It’s mutually beneficial – this is going to expand both businesses’ customer base.”

This duo will be located at 2812 Fishinger Road. When you can’t decide if you need another coffee or if it’s time for a beer, just stop by The Daily Growler/Colin’s Coffee concept and have both!

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