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All-you-can-eat hibachi & sushi restaurant opening in Columbus

All-you-can-eat hibachi & sushi restaurant opening in Columbus

Sav McKee

How much sushi is too much? You’ll be able to test your limits soon at Columbus’ newest hibachi & sushi buffet restaurant.

Tokyo Grill Hibachi & Sushi Buffet will be opening at 8491 Sancus Blvd., although the manager did not give a time estimate. This establishment has another very popular location in the Dayton region, and they’re excited to expand their business to Columbus.

Their menu features buffet options, including hot hibachi, as well as traditional sashimi and more unique sushi rolls, too. You’ll be able to pick your own hibachi fillings, like noodles, rice, vegetables and sauces, and then they cook it right in front you. You’ll also be able to grab other buffet options, such as spring rolls and crab rangoon on the hot buffet bar, and then a sesame fried chicken sushi roll on the cold bar.


For those who prefer made-to-order instead of a buffet, they’ll have that option, too.

Yelp reviews show that the buffet concept is very popular. “First off the all-you-can-eat hibachi grill is UNMATCHED! I could honestly eat it all day every day. The variety of sushi is great. They have ranges for every type of sushi fan and I have to say all of them were pretty good,” said one review.

“The food exceeded my expectations! I have been to other asian buffets and they were half as good as here! The staff is very friendly and helpful! The restaurant is fun and uniquely decorated. I highly recommend!” said another.

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