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Celebrate ‘National Hot Dog Day’ at these 10 Columbus hot dog hotspots

Celebrate ‘National Hot Dog Day’ at these 10 Columbus hot dog hotspots

Sav McKee

Let’s be frank – you now have an excuse to eat as many hot dogs as you want today. Pile them high with ketchup, relish, onions, tomatoes, chili, or all of the above. We won’t judge!

Since 1991, every third Wednesday in July has been declared “National Hot Dog Day,” first established by the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, and Columbus makes it easy to celebrate. There are incredible wieneries here, ranging from hot dog joints that serve classic coneys or restaurants that offer vegan dawgs piled high with interesting toppings.

Here are some delicious spots for both meat-eaters and veg-heads that will hopefully mustard up some excitement.

Lawbird Bar: 740 S High St. – vegan friendly
Every Wednesday is hot dog night, so it’s only fate that it falls on this “national holiday.” They offer vegetarian, vegan, and regular dogs with unique options like their Wing Fixings Hot Dog, featuring herbed ranch aioli, blue cheese crumbles, crushed Grippos, and celery ribbons. 

Photo of Lawbird’s Wing Fixings Hot Dog via Instagram

Village Coney: 418 E Whittier St.
This family owned German Village restaurant has been serving classic conies topped with mustard, onions, and chili sauce for the past 11 years.

Dad’s Coney’s and Wraps: 128 Graceland Blvd – vegetarian friendly
They specialize in Coney Island dogs, using a secret coney sauce that’s been passed down through generations. Their vegetarian option is made with Morningstar veggie dogs.

Weenie Wonder: 4117 Worth Ave / 6562 Riverside Dr, Dublin vegetarian friendly 
You can make your own hot dog whichever way you want it here or choose from their signature dogs like the New York Rueben, Bloody Mary Dog, or Frito Pie. They have a delicious veggie option for $1, but their buns contain milk, so just a heads up for those who stay away from dairy products.


Tasty Dawg: 107 S High St.vegan friendly
Choose from over 26 toppings to build your own dream dawg, or opt for a Philly or Chicago dawg (plus many more options). A vegan, plant-based brat option is available, too!

Talitas: 1335 Dublin Rd., Dublin  / 6542 Hayden Run Rd., Hilliard
Burritos and coneys? You read that right. This casual spot serves simple yet delicious taco platters, burritos, and chili coney dogs, with recipes that date back to multiple generations.

Dirty Franks: 248 S 4th St. / 200 Georgesville Rd. –vegan friendly
This is the spot to try something a little different than the usual coney or ketchup/mustard dog, if you want. They offer 34 signature dogs, most with crazy toppings, ranging from spicy corn to loaded potatoes. Almost all of their dogs can be made vegetarian or vegan. They also offer a $12 Wiener Basket that includes 2 hot dogs of your choice plus fries or tots.

Photo of Dirty Frank’s Flaming Hot Dog via Facebook

Ritzy’s: 4615 N High St 
Their $3.99 all beef hot dog, “​​…still has that signature snap when you bite it topped with your choice of toppings, to create hot dog bliss,” according to their menu. 

Tony’s Coneys: 5266 W Broad St
This family owned restaurant claims to serve the best coneys in town. Their no frills menus offers plain hot dogs or coney dogs, ranging from $1.50 to $3.50.

Junkyard Dogs: 2245 W Dublin Granville Rd, Worthington: vegan friendly
Try the Hillbilly (coney sauce mixed with creamy coleslaw) or their signature Junkyard Dog (coney sauce, cheesy onions, bacon, jalapeno, coleslaw, garlic aioli, and spicy brown mustard), or just build your own. They have a vegan dog option for $1 more!

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