Chef from Rockmill Tavern, Roys Ave. Supperclub launching new restaurant

Jack McLaughlin

A lauded Columbus chef is bringing a unique new restaurant concept to the city’s west side.

The eatery comes from Andrew Smith, former chef of Rockmill Tavern and the current operator of Roys Avenue Supperclub, and is set to open later this year. Smith said he’s aiming for an opening sometime this summer, although this date could change.

The eatery, which will be located at 360 W. Broad St., is called Isla, which is Spanish for island.


“The name has a special meaning for my wife and I. We were also doing a few pop-up dinners last year, and we thought about how a pop-up is really an island, so it has meaning there too,” Smith said.

Isla will serve as a reservation-only, tasting menu restaurant for two or three nights a week, according to Smith. 

The small West Broad Street space, which seats approximately 20 people, will also operate as a venue for cooking classes and other community events the rest of the time.

“We’ll only be cooking two or three times a week, one for my sanity, but also because we want to be involved in the community in the Hilltop neighborhood,” Smith said.

Isla won’t focus on any specific style of food or cooking techniques, but will instead serve a showcase for what Smith is enjoying himself at any given time, an approach he currently favors at Roys Avenue Supperclub.

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