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Columbus bakery announces “permanent pause”

Columbus bakery announces “permanent pause”

Jack McLaughlin

Earlier this year, owner Sarah Biggard announced that the Blonde Bomb Bakery–a Columbuis concept known for Cake Bombs and other desserts that held a strong presence in the local market and pop-up scene–was struggling to stay afloat. In an emotional post shared yesterday, Biggard has now let her following know that the Blonde Bomb is on “permanent pause.”

In a lengthy statement, Biggard detailed how–following a battle with a cancer and other medical issues–the Blonde Bomb was in discussions about securing a space in a pair of new storefronts, including one that she said was a “life changing opportunity.” 

Both of these opportunities eventually fell through for Biggard, leaving her to feel “beyond hurt,” she said.


“None of these situations were a ‘maybe’ thing. There were ongoing talks and meetings. I was completely blindsided, both times. I’m so confused and so hurt,” the statement reads.

This situation caused her to place the Blond Bomb on “permanent pause,” although she plans to offer one final sale soon.

“I would love for The BBB to continue but at this time–it’s at no way possible. I’m so sorry,” she said. “Please understand how incredibly hard this is for me and understand if I don’t respond to comments here. I’m still very much reeling. Still secretly trying tn find a way to continue on.”

Currently, Biggard has taken a job as a baker at The Fox in the Snow’s new Dublin location. She told 614Now the best way to support her is to stop by Fox in the Snow. You can also donate to a GoFundMe campaign of hers from last year.

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