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Columbus bakery launching pizza donut, Pepsi-glazed donut inspired by ‘Home Alone’

Columbus bakery launching pizza donut, Pepsi-glazed donut inspired by ‘Home Alone’

Jack McLaughlin

If you’ve seen your fair of 90s flicks, you’ll likely be the first to acknowledge that the decade had a preternatural ability to make pizza look great on the big screen. Examples like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Bio-Dome and Home Alone all come to mind. 

In fact, one local bakery is paying homage to the classic Home Alone pizza scene by selling a unique, seasonal treat: A pizza donut.

Starting this weekend, Rose Dough Donuts will be releasing its second iteration of its Home Alone Cheese Pizza Donut, a brioche donut topped with homemade San Marzano sauce and whole-milk mozzarella cheese.


New this year is a side of ranch for dipping from popular Columbus eatery Sexton’s Pizza. 

“Honestly, we love their pizza and their ranch. I wanted to do a ranch side or ranch sprinkle for this year and was going to just make my own, but I thought I’d reach out to Sextons and see if they’d want to collab,” said Rose Dough owner Katie Paso. “I love the collaborative food community in Columbus!”

Also new to this year is a special donut to pair with your pizza-inspired treat. Rose Dough is also offering a “Easy on the Pepsis, Fuller” Cruller, which takes its name from the Home Alone line it references.  Paso has created her own version of Pepsi-inspired cola–complete with holiday spices–that’s a nod to the Holiday Spice Pepsi from the early 2000s. The drink is used in a glaze for their house-made cruller.

Preorders, which can be placed here, are open now. The seasonal donuts will be offered through December.

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