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Columbus eateries facing “unprecedented” Sriracha shortage

Columbus eateries facing “unprecedented” Sriracha shortage

Jack McLaughlin

Fans of Sriracha are currently feeling the heat, except it’s not from the peppery spice of the popular sauce we’re talking about. Columbus, like the rest of the world, is currently in the midst of an “unprecedented” supply shortage.

Sriracha producer Huy Fong Foods began experiencing inventory issues last summer, when drought conditions in Mexico led to a poor harvest of the red Jalapeño peppers used in the popular condiment. Huy Fong did eventually resume production of the sauce last year, but earlier this year, the company noted that it’s currently experiencing an “unprecedented” supply shortage and there’s currently no timeline for when it will end.

For many Columbus eateries, the shortage has already begun to make its presence known.


According to Lisa Bui, co-owner of 6-1-Pho, the eatery is entirely out of name-brand Sriracha.

“It’s insane!  We have a bottle and a half left, and cannot get more anywhere,” she said last week, before noting yesterday the eatery is now entirely out.

Bui said the eatery ran a special offer last weekend where customers with unopened bottles of Sriracha were able to trade them in for half-priced bowls, with a limit of two per customer. The restaurant plans to run the special again this weekend.

While she said initially off-brand sauces were initially not available, suppliers have now begun stocking these brands, but at a significantly higher price.

“But still, nothing tastes like the iconic green tipped rooster Sriracha,” Bui said.

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