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Columbus’ first ‘dog bar’ featuring a dog pool coming next year – here are the details

Columbus’ first ‘dog bar’ featuring a dog pool coming next year – here are the details

Sav McKee

Anyone with a dog knows how it feels to have to choose between grabbing a drink with friends or deciding to stay in and snuggle your furry companion, especially after you start putting on your shoes and see their big, sad eyes staring up at you.

Next summer, you won’t have to make that tough decision. There will be a new bar in town that’s completely centered around you and your dog, featuring 20,000 square feet of space, an indoor and outdoor bar, and eventually an outdoor dog pool, plus so much more. It will basically be an oasis for you and pup.

All Paws Social, from the owners of the dog daycare, All Paws Retreat, is opening a “country club type dog bar” at 345 E. 2nd Ave. in Italian Village, according to the owner, Casie Goldstein. “This won’t be just a bar that allows dogs, but a dog forward bar,” she emphasized.

So what exactly is a dog forward bar, you might ask? Goldstein emphasized that All Paws Social will revolve around spacial awareness. Everything will be positioned intentionally and appropriately to make dogs the most comfortable, and to engage the dogs mentally, physically, and emotionally.


While you and your friends are having fun at the bar, your dog can play and socialize without you having to worry so much. They’ll have trained, vigilant staff members there to watch over people’s dogs, all the dogs will be vetted first (and vaccinated), and areas will be separated by different dog “energies” (loungers vs. high energy).

The 9,500 square feet interior space will boast different play spaces, and an event space for dog birthday parties and even singles meetups, and of course, a bar that focuses on locally canned and drafted beverages (and hopefully hard liquor cocktails once there’s a permit issued for that, according to Goldstein!).

Then, outside, there will be 10,000 square feet of an open play space, food trucks, on leash and off leash areas, an area for games and fire pits, an outdoor bar, and, the best of all, a dog pool during their secondary phase build-out. 

This incredibly unique concept starts construction this January, and they’re hoping to open this space sometime this summer. Choosing Italian Village was intentional, Goldstein explained. “A lot of our clients at All Paws Retreat live near Jeffrey Park already, and there’s a dog park off of Neil, but not enough places for people to bring their dogs to play while they can relax,” she said. 

The dog park area will be membership based, for safety and consistency reasons, (basically to ensure your dogs are surrounded by other healthy, well behaved dogs), but anyone is able to access the bar area. All Paws Social welcomes anyone with or without a dog. If dogs cheer you up but you don’t own one yourself, you can still grab a drink here, decompress, and release some stress.

I know where I’ll be every weekend next summer. If you see me in the dog pool “on accident,” mind your business!

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