Drinks Downtown: DORA proposed for Downtown Columbus

Jack McLaughlin

A DORA could be coming to Downtown Columbus, and that’s something we’ll raise a glass to.

Earlier this year, the Columbus Downtown Development Commission (CDDC), alongside the Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District and the Franklinton Board of Trade, proposed a DORA—which stands for designated outdoor refreshment area, and typically allows visitors to openly carry alcohol within a specific area—within Downtown Columbus and Franklinton. 

Currently, a DORA exists in the Arena District during game days and other events.


The general boundaries of the proposed Downtown DORA are Fourth Street between Mound Street and Nationwide Boulevard, with an area between Broad Street and Main Street extending west across the Scioto River until S. Gift Street and S. Skidmore Street.

You can see a detailed map of the proposed DORA below.

Unlike its Arena District counterpart that’s open mostly during events, the Downtown DORA would be open 11 a.m.-10 p.m., seven days a week. 

The proposal has not yet come before Columbus City Council, but an info session that’s open to the public will place on Jan. 10 at Wolf’s Ridge Brewing.


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