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Easton eatery announces indefinite closure following staffing issues

Easton eatery announces indefinite closure following staffing issues

Jack McLaughlin

The indulgent Cleveland-born eatery Black Box Fix has closed the doors of its Easton location for the time being.

Black Box Fix originally posted a statement to its Instagram account last week that noted its Easton location would be closed for last week only. Yesterday, the caption of the post was updated to say that the closure, while still temporary, will be indefinite until the store can be staffed.

“This store will be temporarily closed due to short staffing. We apologize for any inconvenience & appreciate your support,” the statement reads, while its caption now says, “Our Easton location will be closed until further notice.”


Black Box Fix could not be reached for comment by the time this story was published, and it’s currently unclear how long the Easton store is expected to remain closed for. 

The eatery acquired its name from the addictive food (including Philly cheesesteaks decked out with lobster, Creole Butter Fries and more) it serves in black clamshell-style takeout boxes, and has been a Cleveland staple for years, and it currently two locations there. Head chef and owner Eric Rogers opened the first Columbus-area Black Box Fix at in May of 2021. It’s located at 4037 Fenlon St.

The eatery was recently featured by the popular Ohio-based food content creator Stefan Johnson.

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