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Five Ohio cities nominated on list of ‘2023’s Best Foodie Cities’

Five Ohio cities nominated on list of ‘2023’s Best Foodie Cities’

Sav McKee

Surprisingly, the word “foodie” was added to the dictionary in 1984, but lately, there seems to be a resurgence of this word, specifically all over social media. Anyone and everyone who enjoys exploring new foods and top-notch, new restaurants is considered a modern day “foodie,” and now, there are entire lists dedicated to the “Best Foodie Cities,” and I’m proud to reside in one of them!

Five Ohio cities made it on WalletHub’s 2023 list of “Best Foodie Cities.” They analyzed and compared more than 180 cities across the U.S., using 28 key indicators of “foodie-friendliness,” including cost of groceries, affordability and accessibility of high-quality restaurants, and even food festivals per capita.

I could already predict Columbus would be on the list – I tried making reservations this morning for Friday night, and out of the ten restaurants I tried booking, only one of them was available. All of the rest of the foodies in the cities seem to have the same idea of what makes a perfect Friday night, too.

Here’s the list of Ohio cities that are considered top spots for foodies:

#25: Cincinnati
Must-try restaurant: Abigail Street 

Photo via Abigail Street’s Website

#54: Cleveland
Must-try restaurant: Cent’s Pizza

Photo by S Jordan Fine via Google Reviews


#55: Columbus
Must-try restaurant: Hiraeth

Photo via Hiraeth’s Website

#112: Toledo
Must-try restaurant: Registry Bistro

Photo via Registry Bistro’s Facebook

#136: Akron
Must-try restaurant: Ido Bar & Grille

Photo by RA via Google Reviews

Congrats to Orlando, Portland, Sacramento, Miami, and San Francisco for their top 5 spots! Looks like I need to book a flight to the West Coast or Florida soon, or perhaps just hop in my car and explore all the foodie cities right here in Ohio.

Check out the comprehensive list, here.

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