‘Food & Wine’ ranked all 50 states for their pizza, see where Ohio landed here

Jack McLaughlin

While states along the East Coast, Illinois and Michigan typically receive the lion’s share of love when it comes to pizza, almost anyone in Columbus will pound the table and claim Ohio pies are some of the country’s best.

But what’s the national perception of Ohio pizza? A “Food & Wine” story ranked every state in the country from 1 to 50 in terms of pizza prowess, and it seems like their feelings about Ohio pizza aren’t far off from ours here in the Arch City.

According to the story, Ohio is the 9th best state for pizza in the country. We’re not sure about you, Columbus, but we’ll take a top-10 spot.


The author, David Landsel, mentions DiCarlo’s pizza as the first of several notable Ohio spots. This historic pizzeria, known for topping pies with cheese after they leave the oven, was founded in the Ohio Valley, but now operates multiple locations across Columbus. The story also mentions Youngstown’s Brier Hill-style pizza, which features a deeply savory sauce, bell peppers and Roman cheese. While it’s not the easiest pizza style to find, Meatball Mafia and Missing Jimmy’s here in the Columbus area offer authentic examples.

Of course, an iconic Columbus-style pizzeria also appeared in the story’s section about Ohio pizza.

“Things thin down considerably in Columbus, home of the Johnny Marzetti noodle-beef-cheese casserole, in case you needed a reminder that the Midwest really does start here,” the story reads. “Terita’s does the regional style proudest, operating out of its little North End bunker for more than 60 years now. This is definitely a thin-crust town, but the dough at Terita’s has never been an afterthought.”

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