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From bowling alleys to bait shops, here are the ‘secret’ pizza shops you need to try

From bowling alleys to bait shops, here are the ‘secret’ pizza shops you need to try

Jack McLaughlin

PIzza is as amazing as it is ubiquitous. While most of us look first at pizzerias and Italian restaurants, because it’s so popular, pizza has found its greasy little way into all sorts of institutions, from grocery stores, to bowling alleys and even gas stations.

We’ve compiled a list of some of out top secret pizza picks, and while the list is by no means exclusive, it’s a great place to start.

Cheshire Market
5094 Cheshire Rd., Galena

Is it a bait shop, a convenience store or pizzeria? If someone asks you this about Cheshire Market, the correct answer is simply “yes.” Often lauded as some of the best pizza in the area (and occasionally the Buckeye State overall), Cheshire Market’s unique space–where you can purchase everything from pepperoni to fishing poles–is one of a kind in its quality and its unusual environment.

 Cross-cultural Pizza
Multiple Locations

While Puerto Rican, Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines don’t immediately scream pizza to us, there are plenty of Columbus eateries specializing in one type of fare, making pizza alongside it, and making it well. NuyoRican Pizzeria & Cafe offers Puerto Rican cuisine and New York-style pizza, Two Fat Indians Fusion sells Indian favorites, tikka masala pizza and more, and Habibi Grill (from the owner of Mr. Hummus Grill) offers Lebanese cuisine and Lebanese-inspired pies.

Studio 35 Theater & Drafthouse
3055 Indianola Ave.

Pizza and movies go great together, so why not serve it in a movie theater? Did we mention great beer is involved too? With an in-house Fibonacci’s Pizza location, guests can grab some of their inventive pies while going into a screening, or even pick up a pizza for carryout.


Grandview Theater & Drafthouse
247 Grandview Ave.

Just like Studio 35, Grandview Theater & Drafthouse is owned by Eric Brembeck & Rita Volpi (alongside one additional owner, Andy Wuelfing), and just like Studio 35, the theater boasts a fantastic selection of craft beer and a Fiobonacci’s Pizza location.

Wayne Webb’s Columbus Bowl
3224 S. High St.

While we don’t immediately think of pizza when we think of bowling alleys, we do when we think of Wayne Webb’s Columbus Bowl. And we’re not talking upcharged frozen pizza, either, we mean legitimate, thin crust, Columbus-style pizza.

Chicken Wing Pizza
Multiple locations

We’ve all heard of pizzas places offering chicken wings, but a handful of Columbus concepts have pulled out an Uno reverse card on this trend, and in the most delicious way possible. Both Roosters Wings and Slappin’ Wings (pizzas are brand-new to latter) offer pizzas, and they aren’t playing second fiddle, either.

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