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From Mikey’s to Hounddog’s, we summarized of all the recent Columbus spots featured on ‘One Bite Pizza Reviews’

From Mikey’s to Hounddog’s, we summarized of all the recent Columbus spots featured on ‘One Bite Pizza Reviews’

Jack McLaughlin

It’s old news by now that Dave Portnoy and “One Bite Pizza Reviews” were in Columbus recently reviewing pizza, but naturally we want to know how our local pizza shops compare to the rest of the country. We’ve compiled everything we know so far about Portnoy’s trip, which has included scores from 5.7 to an alleged 8.1.

Ohio Pizza & Brew

While Portnoy did refer to this Columbus pizzeria as “hockey rink pizza,” he didn’t pan this spot, either. “I mean, it’s not the worst,” he said. And let’s just keep in mind, Portnoy is a difficult reviewer.

Score: 5.7

Mikey’s Late Night Slice

One of the city’s most prolific pizzerias made its way into the spotlight, after Portnoy said Mikey’s received many requests to be reviewed. He remarked that Mikey’s boasts a “huge crust” that’s “super doughy,” while eventually settling on a score in the low 6s.

“It’s called MIkey’s late night, to me it’s late night. It has a little bit of a drunk pizza vibe to it,” Portnoy said.

Score: 6.1

East Coast Pizzeria

A previously lesser-known Clintonville spot that’s rightfully been receiving a fair share of publicity recently, Portnoy appeared impressed by East Coast Pizzeria, his first local review during a recent trip to Columbus. He praised the Clintonville eatery, saying:

“You know what? I think that’s very fair, calling it East Coast pizza, brick-fired,” he said. “This could live on the East Coast, I don’t think you’d blink, I don’t think you’d think twice.”

Score: 7.2

Hounddog’s Pizza

A local favorite among many, Hounddog’s might appear on the surface to be different from the thin, crispy pies Portnoy typically favors (he even said so himself at the start of his Houddog’s review. But that didn’t get in the way of the eatery receiving one of the better scores any Columbus-area pizzeria has ever had, though. 

“For a style that I absolutely do not care for, this is pretty good,” Portnoy said. “I know I have a certain type I like, this ain’t, but maybe if this is your, this is really good.”

Score: 7.3


Editor’s Note: This review has not yet been released, and this score is only allegedly what the pizzeria received.

No Ohio pizzeria has ever received a score of 8 or above from “One Bite Pizza Reviews,” but according to Sexton’s owner Joey Sexton, who had plenty of photos to share of Portnoy’s visit to his Hilliard eatery, this popular Columbus spot has broken into the 8s.

And while this hasn’t been confirmed just yet, Sexton’s crispy, wood-fired pies seem like the kind of place Portnoy would prefer to patronize.

Alleged score: 8.1



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