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Here’s the most special sushi in Columbus according to 614feast

Here’s the most special sushi in Columbus according to 614feast

Anthony O'Connell

I thought the wasabi was guacamole and ate the whole thing! As someone who loves heat, I managed to handle it, but it was a fiery surprise that still makes me laugh. That wasabi experience that came on the side of my California and Spicy Salmon Roll was my first time ever having sushi.

What’s your sushi style – nigiri, where the rice is delicately pressed into bite-sized mounds, or do you prefer rolls, skillfully sliced into circles? Personally, I like both equally. What matters most to me is the freshness, flavor, and the overall experience.

All five of these restaurants I’ve listed have amazing menus, master chefs, fresh fish, and great vibes and ambiance. And all of their rolls are special, but I’m listing my favorite specialty rolls.

Akai Hana (1173 Old Henderson Rd)
Rainbow: Spicy Tuna Inside, Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail, White Fish, Avocado. This is a top tier roll because you can try several different fish. They have been serving Columbus fresh, delicious, authentic Japanese food since 1986.

Menu - Special Rolls | Akai Hana | Japan Marketplace: *Rainbow
Photo of the Rainbow Roll via Akai Hana’s website

The 1126 Restaurant (1126 N High St)
The 1126 Roll: Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail, Spicy Crab Meat , Avocado & Tobiko and 24k edible gold leaf flakes. No surprise the namesake is so delicious, treat yourself to a shiny bite. Everything is incredibly fresh and aesthetically pleasing.

Photo of the 1126 Roll by Alex W. via Yelp

BROUGHT TO YOU BY Japanese Restaurant (7178 Muirfield Dr)
Tan Roll: Spicy toro and tempura flakes, topped with sliced scallop, seared with teriyaki sauce, mayo, tobiko, & scallions. Toro, the fatty part of the tuna found in the belly, is rich and buttery, making it a coveted choice for sushi aficionados.

Photo of the tan roll by Adrea L. via Yelp

Yoshi’s Japanese Restaurant (5776 Frantz Rd)
Snow On The Mountain: inside: smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado which is amazing as is but they’re not done yet! On top a delicious crab mix, torched scallop, shaved katsuo, 3-kinds sauce. 

Photo of Yoshi’s interior via Yoshi’s website

Fugu Sushi (10503 Blacklick-Eastern Rd NW)
Pickerington Roll: Lobster salad, asparagus inside. Deep fried, then topped with avocado and sweet chili sauce. This is a delicious roll. The lobster salad is so good and the sweet chili sauce provides just enough spice.

Photos of various Fugu Sushi rolls by Sadie C. via Yelp

Have you visited any of these top five sushi spots? I’d love to know your favorite sushi rolls and your experiences at these restaurants. Share your sushi adventures and let’s compare notes on how we feast!

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