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Iconic Columbus bakery signs 3 year deal with Cleveland Browns

Iconic Columbus bakery signs 3 year deal with Cleveland Browns

Sav McKee

Lisa King, local Columbus resident, had a hobby – then, that hobby turned into a dream – and now, that dream has become a reality.

She started baking brownies as a hobby after she’d get off work from her teaching job. “I was making so many brownies every day that I had to pass them out to my friends and neighbors,” King laughed. Eventually, those friends and neighbors encouraged her start her own business – the brownies were just that good. 

King took their encouragement to heart, and she held focus groups in the 1990’s in her small Cleveland apartment, where she and her sorority sister and sister-in-law would create batches of brownies to potentially sell. They did this for four straight weeks until King said she found the recipe – the one that would be the perfect brownie, and would eventually land her deals with national corporations and even an NFL team.


Fast forward 24 years, and now King owns her own bakery, Brownie Points, which is now gaining national recognition for having the most brownie flavors on Earth (literally – she did the research!). In their Columbus facility located at 5712 Westbourne Ave., they’re hand-making brownies from scratch every single day, whether that’s for gift boxes, large corporations gifts around the country, or just a batch for you and your family. You may have been introduced to Brownie Points in another location at Tenspace, where they popped up for 3 months.

As if King’s dream of owning her own bakery couldn’t get sweeter, something incredible recently happened. The owner of Tenspace, Rachel Friedman, took a box of Brownie Points Brownies to her meeting with the Cleveland Browns’ executive team, just as a special treat for them. That same evening, King had an email from a top executive asking for a partnership. Everyone at the meeting was hooked. “I responded right away, and we had a phone call the next morning,” said King. Now, Brownie Points has a 3-year contract with The Cleveland Browns to provide desserts for their stadium, their box seats, and dessert carts.

“We’re the official partner for the Cleveland Browns, and honestly, this has all been a dream.”

Brownie Points’ success is a testament to King’s innovation. “I took a dessert that everyone loves, brownies, and made it my own,” she emphasized.

If you can’t make it up to a Browns’ game for a Cleveland Browns Crunch Brownie (classic fudge crunch, swirled with caramel and covered in butterfinger crunch), no worries – you can walk into their Columbus facility and order anything you want. Their brownies, which have so many flavor varieties that they’re thinking of applying to the Guinness World Records, also make perfect gifts for the holidays, and you can even find mini versions of their brownie bites at Giant Eagle Marketplace.

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