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It’s happening! This popular restaurant chain is FINALLY coming to Columbus

It’s happening! This popular restaurant chain is FINALLY coming to Columbus

Sav McKee

During lunchtime in the streets of LA, NYC, and Chicago, you’ll find a long line wrapped around the block. It may look like a celebrity meet & greet or warehouse sale at a popular store, but nope – it’s even way better. 

It’s none other than the line for Sweetgreen, of course. And coming from someone who lived in Chicago during grad school, Sweetgreen full heartedly sustained my entire education, basically. 

And now, this LA based chain is officially coming to Columbus, according to their press release. This mission-driven restaurant may sound simple (after all, how fancy can a salad really get?), but it’s a huge deal. There’s a cult following surrounding Sweetgreen – it’s one of the healthiest options out there as far as “fast food” goes, and you’re able to fully customize every salad and warm rice bowl to your preference. Imagine an upscale Chipotle-ish, casual eatery, but for healthy salads made with seasonal, fresh, organic, regenerative, and locally sourced ingredients. Take a closer look at their menu here.


People have petitioned for Sweetgreen to join Ohio and Columbus in particular, and local Reddit threads have expressed disbelief that this extremely popular chain hasn’t broken ground here yet (I swear the threads weren’t started by me). This chain was founded in 2007, and there are over 220 restaurants through the U.S., mostly located in large cities.

Sweetgreen will be located at 700 N. High St., in a 3,756 square foot building in the Short North. Additional details, such as an opening date, will be released in the next couple of months, according to their press release.

In the meantime, we can all take a deep breath and a sigh of relief that Columbus is officially cool enough for a Sweetgreen.

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