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Miami craft burger concept coming soon to Columbus

Miami craft burger concept coming soon to Columbus

Sav McKee

Another craft burger food truck is hitting the streets of Columbus, but this one seems to set itself apart from others by offering kosher quality meat and deluxe toppings.

Capas Burgers, a well-known food truck staple in Miami, FL, announced on its website that a Columbus location was “coming soon.” 

This burger concept doesn’t just serve your average burger – every burger is certified kosher, meaning the animal products are made from animals that are “properly slaughtered,” and no meat and milk products are mixed together. Their Kashrus Certification is proudly posted on their website. 


For those who don’t eat meat at all, no matter how kosher it is, they have a vegan burger that consists of their signature vegan patty, loaded with veggies, and you can even add some vegan cheddar. 

Other signature burgers include The Truffle – a single, double, or triple patty, aioli truffle, crispy shallots, pickles, and iceberg lettuce. Their Meat Burger consists of a number of patties of your choice, plus turkey pastrami strips, onion jam, mayo, and arugula. They seem to encourage add-ons, with choices like guacamole, crispy shallots, pastrami strips, or a sunny-side egg. You can grab sides like fries, sweet potatoes, salads, and even schnitzel. 

There are no further location or opening details, but soon-to-be Cleveland and Cincinnati locations are also mentioned on their website. It’s still unclear if these will be food trucks or permanent establishments.

Check out their Instagram for more details.

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