New gyro, smashburger, and cheesesteak concept opening this month

Sav McKee

Vincey Vargo grew up near Clintonville and has always had an adoration for the neighborhood. And Greek food. He combined his love for the two into his new concept, Gyropolis.

One of Vargo’s favorite restaurants to stop into for a good gyro was Rodos on Indianola Ave. As a longtime customer and a businessman, when Rodos presented an opportunity for him to take over their building and create his own Greek restaurant, he realized it was something he couldn’t pass up.

And now, Gyropolis, Vargo’s brainchild, will be opening in two weeks at 3369 Indianola Ave., close to the Clintonville UDF and Gatto’s Pizza.

“I love Clintonville. I love the culture here, and the people are really great about supporting small businesses. The Clintonville City of Commerce has even reached out to me about a ribbon cutting ceremony to welcome me to the neighborhood,” Vargo explained.


His Greek concept will be more of a Mediterranean and American fusion, using inspiration from both of his chef’s specialties along with recipes he’s gathered from friends who live in the Mediterranean. Guests can expect traditional gyros, authentic Mediterranean bowls, meat and veggie platters, falafel, hummus, and house-made sauces, but also, fish ‘n chips, buffalo chicken sandwiches, cheesesteaks, chicken wings, and even specialty smashburgers. Folks with a sweet tooth can enjoy homemade baklava and rice pudding.

The Greek wings featuring buffalo sauce and feta cheese via Vargo

“When I was in New York, a lot of the authentic gyro shops would have Philly Cheesesteaks as well, and I wanted to continue that tradition at my restaurant,” noted Vargo. “I’m also really excited about the Gyropolis nachos: fried pita chips, gyro meat, feta, veggies, and a homemade tzatziki sauce.”

Gyropolis is in a smaller location, with only about six tables in the storefront, so Vargo is expecting many people to opt for mostly take-out. His gyros will be available on Door Dash, GrubHub, and Uber Eats as well.

One of his goals is to keep his prices reasonable. He wants to be mindful of the Linden and campus crowd, and so his gyros are only $7.99. Add fries and a drink, and you can get a fulfilling meal for only $13 all together. 

“I’m really excited and grateful for all of my employees and mentors for helping me out with this,” said Vargo.

Stay up to date on their official opening date within the next two weeks by following Gyropolis on Instagram.

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