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Paczki have arrived: Learn where to find this unique, seasonal donut in Columbus

Paczki have arrived: Learn where to find this unique, seasonal donut in Columbus

Jack McLaughlin

Believe it or not, the Midwest actually has its own variety of regional donut, and now’s the perfect time to try it.  The paczki (pronounced PUNCH-key, PAUNCH-key, or POONCH-key, depending on who you ask), is a pastry that’s unique and delicious in its own right, and it’s traditionally served on or around Fat Tuesday. And in case you were wondering, the plural form of paczki is also paczki. 

These Polish delicacies typically pop up in Columbus in February each year, and we’ve compiled a list of local spots where you can grab some for yourself. Enjoy them while you can, Columbus, because they won’t be here long.

Buckeye Donuts (Campus)

It’s business as usual this year for Buckeye Donuts’ Iconic campus storefront. You can find paczki for sale on Fat Tuesday (Feb. 21) only.

Buckeye Donuts (South High Street)

While the South High Street Buckeye Donuts is operated by different owners than the campus store, both businesses will be selling paczki this year. The South High Buckeye Donuts will be selling them in-store on Fat Tuesday, with an option to pre-order as well. Available flavors include Vanilla Custard, Strawberry, Apple Black Raspberry, Lemon, Blueberry and Apple.

Destination Donut

According to Destination Donut owner Heather Morris, the popular Clintonville donut shop will be offering paczki this year. It’s not clear what flavors the store will offer.  


Kolache Republic

You can bet that the concept named after a Polish cookie will be offering paczki this year. You’ll be able to pick some up in-store (the restaurant is now located inside of The Daily Growler) from Feb 17-19. Available flavors include Blueberry Cream and Raspberry Cream.

Resch’s Bakery

This long-standing east side spot is currently selling paczki, and will continue to do so until Fat Tuesday. Available flavors include Strawberry, Blueberry and Lemon.

Rose Dough Donuts

No brick and mortar, no problem for Rose Dough Donuts, which has quietly been making a serious name for itself since opening just over a year ago. This year, paczki will be available On Feb. 18 and 21 only. You’ll be able to pick up your paczki at their 1400 Food Labs ghost kitchen on Feb. 18 and Feb. 21, but you’ll need to pre-order to be able to do so.

Sweet CLE’-bus

This Westerville pierogi spot won’t have paczki available around Fat Tuesday this year as it has in previous years, but you will be able to snag some of the speciality donuts a little later this spring. According to owner Liz Szabo, they will likely become a more regular offering later in the year. Szabo said Sweet CLE’-bus will update its Instagram with details soon.

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