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Popular donut shop announces they’re going vegan – and nope, this isn’t a joke

Popular donut shop announces they’re going vegan – and nope, this isn’t a joke

Sav McKee

A local hotspot for donuts is going green. 

No, I don’t mean just green Christmas decorations on their donuts, either. Destination Donuts, located at 3519 N. High St., announced last week they’re officially now switching to a fully vegan donut dough, and primarily vegan toppings and icings.

“We are so excited about this change and look forward to serving you,” said Destination Donut’s social media post.

Destination Donuts wants to ensure that “you’ll never know the difference. More times than not, we have already been preparing our assortment this way, and it was just our little secret,” their post continues. 


They’ll still offer some non-vegan toppings, but those items will be displayed on black trays each day so that you can tell the difference. And even those donuts with the non-vegan toppings will still be made with vegan dough. 

Announcing a huge transition like this could mean a lot of backlash, but the comments on their Instagram post are almost all positive, with vegan activists, vegan bloggers, local animal sanctuaries, local vegan restaurants, and even non-vegan lactose intolerant individuals all weighing in on their excitement. In the same week they announced the huge change, they completely sold out.

Destination Donuts offers locally made fun flavors, like macadamia, blackberry merlot, butterscotch, raspberry coconut, and cookie butter. And now, just mostly sans animal products.

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