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Popular Ohio snack brand closing after more than 110 years

Popular Ohio snack brand closing after more than 110 years

Jack McLaughlin

One of the most prominent names in Ohio-made snacks is calling it quits.

The Dayton-based Mikesell’s, which has been open since 1910, announced in a statement that it plans to close its doors while transferring brand rights to another snack manufacturer.

“To continue to protect the Mikesell’s brand, so it can remain viable in the market and continue to move forward, Mikesell’s is announcing that it intends to transition all Mikesell’s brand and IP rights to another quality snack food manufacturer, as soon as possible,” the statement reads.  “Accordingly, Mike-Sell’s Inc. is beginning to wind-down its manufacturing, distribution, and administrative operations to proceed with an orderly liquidation of its assets. The liquidation of its assets will begin immediately and continue over the next several months.”


The timeline for the closing has not been determined yet, nor have the details of the sale of brand and IP rights.

“Although the terms have not yet been finalized, we understand the desire to keep products available, and are working to facilitate the necessary conversations for approvals that will allow for an uninterrupted supply of Mikesell’s products,” the statement said.

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