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The ‘best pumpkin donuts in the world’ are just a short drive away from Columbus

The ‘best pumpkin donuts in the world’ are just a short drive away from Columbus

Jack McLaughlin

While this year’s Circleville Pumpkin Show has ended, this doesn’t mean that pumpkin donuts will be scarce in the Pickaway County city.

In fact, one long-standing bakery boasts both pumpkin and Hawlloeen vibes all year long, and if you haven’t been yet, there’s absolutely no time like the present.

Lindsey’s Bakery, which is located at 127 W. Main St. in Circleville, has operated for more than half a century. The quaint Main Street storefront features a variety of cookies, cakes and other baked goods, but is most widely-known for one item: their pumpkin donuts.


According to a story Published last year by Only in Your State, Lindsey’s boasts the “Best pumpkin donuts in the world.” And while that’s a large claim, the bakery has boasted a die-hard following since it opened in 1950. 

The best part about Lindsey’s pumpkin donuts is the fact that they aren’t a seasonal treat. That’s right: these autumnal delights are created year-round. 

If you’re more of a pie person, you do not want to sleep on Lindsey’s Pumpkin Pie, either. Not only are their pumpkin pies heralded for their quality, Lindsey’s Bakery also holds the record for the largest pumpkin pie in the entire world, which was a whopping 18 feet long and 1,500 pounds.

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