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The Lox Bagel Shop is transforming into a smash burger pop-up once a month

The Lox Bagel Shop is transforming into a smash burger pop-up once a month

Sav McKee

As a manager at The Lox Bagel Shop, Lauren Himes of course loves bagels, but in the back of her mind all day is…well, burgers.

“I just honestly have a passion for cheeseburgers,” she laughed. “I was in New Orleans and had this really awesome smash burger, and I thought, why not explore this and start something?”

And fortunately for Lauren and four other Lox employees who also share an affinity for cheeseburgers, The Lox Bagel Shop’s owners are completely open for their team members to explore different food avenues, right there in the shop.


That’s exactly what they plan on doing. One evening a month, The Lox will put away their bagels for the day and bring out some buns in the evening for this new pop-up, called Funky Duck, where Lauren and the rest of the Funky Duck team will be slinging smash burgers, vegan smash burgers, spicy burgers, duck fat popcorn, fried pickles, and housemade pickle chips, along with milkshakes, cocktails, beer and soda. 

Prices will range from about $12-$15 for a burger and housemade chips, and every month will feature a different “Funky Duck” burger. 

The first smash burger pop-up at The Lox (772 N. High St.) will be November 6th, 5pm-9pm or until sold out. If you’re interested, email Lauren at [email protected] so that she can get an accurate head count.

Follow Funky Duck’s Instagram to stay tuned for their next pop-up dates!

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