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“The pizza itself is not burned,” would you try this unique Ohio pie?

“The pizza itself is not burned,” would you try this unique Ohio pie?

Jack McLaughlin

Roscoe’s Pizza in Corwin, Ohio went viral once for an Elvis homage pizza that featured peanut butter, bananas, bacon and honey, and now the eatery is making waves again for another inventive pie.

Known as the Grippo’s BBQ Pizza, it includes a generous serving of Grippo’s chips sprinkled on top of it before the pizza enters the oven. If it looks a little crispy though, it’s not just you. 

A recent Facebook post including a photo of the pizza accumulated a number of comments about the pie’s appearance, as it does boast a noticeable cha. Roscoe’s official Facebook account was quick to set the record straight, however.


“We did a lot of experimenting. We started making a BBQ chicken pizza, with Grippos, and Cheddar Cheese on top. The chips were WAY too soggy. Didn’t taste good. Then tried putting the Grippos on top. The chips themselves did char up, but most people who tried the pizza loved it. We did try adding the Grippos post bake, but it was really nothing special. You needed the seasoning from the Grippos to bake into the pizza, and it just didn’t do it. Also, post-baked pizzas are a pain because you have pizzas flying out of the oven right behind them and don’t always have time to properly do it. We’ve changed several pizzas over the years for this reason,” a statement from Roscoe’s posted  to the Pizza Connoisseurs of Columbus Facebook group reads. “This pizza may look burned – but the pizza itself is not burned. Only the top chips come out charred. It has to do with the sugar content in Grippos. We have a Kettle Chip pizza where the chips are not charred.”

Another image of the pie on the eatery’s website does appear to be slightly less charred, but still well done.

The Grippo’s pizza includes a barbeque sauce as a base, pizza cheese, cheddar cheese, chicken, bacon and Grippo’s BBQ Potato Chips. It joins 79 other speciality pies offered by the eatery, including options like Chuck’s Cincinnati Pie, made with chili, and the Chicken & Waffles.

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