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There’s a new spot for authentic Korean comfort food in town

There’s a new spot for authentic Korean comfort food in town

Sav McKee

If you’ve never traveled to Korea, chances are, you’ve probably never had their go-to street food, like tteokbokki, jjajang, or bulgogi meatballs. 

That’s about to change, though. Now, there’s an authentic, fast-casual-style counter open at Bubbly Hall, which is New Albany’s newest food hall, located at 6065 Central College Road.

Seoul Food on The Go, which first started as a ghost kitchen near Grandview, is bringing traditional Korean street-food to us, specializing in tteokbokki, which their menu describes as, “Sweet and savory Korean rice cakes in Gochujang (a red chili pepper paste) or soy sauce. There are six different choices of this tteokbokki (pronounced like “duck-boke-key”), including a spicy traditional, jjajang (a black bean sauce), bulgogi beef, curry, and more. All of their tteokbokki’s are vegetarian besides the beef option.


 Along with these rice cakes, they also offer kimbap, which are Korean seaweed rice rolls with seasoned veggies, plus mandu, which are pan fried korean dumplings.

Dennis Kang, the owner, worked and lived in the heart of Korean culture, according to their website. When he moved back to Columbus, he missed Korean comfort foods and longed for a taste of home, which is how Seoul Food on the Go was born. 

“Dennis’ extensive experience in the Korean food industry allowed him to capture the authentic taste and experience of these comfort foods, providing a sense of home to all those who step foot into SFOTG,” says their website.

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