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These are the 29 top-rated pizzerias in Columbus

These are the 29 top-rated pizzerias in Columbus

Jack McLaughlin

Columbus is a city with a myriad of pizza options, and those options are continuing to expand. If you’re suffering from selection anxiety with so many choices, we have a helpful resource for you.

Stacker compiled a list of the 29 best pizzerias in Columbus using TripAdvisor ratings. While many in the city pound the table for Columbus-style pizza, the cracker-thin pies were interestingly underrepresented at the top of the rankings. 

Here’s the full list:


  1. Forno Kitchen + Bar 
  2. Borgata Pizza Cafe (Parkville Street)
  3. Harvest Kitchen + Bar (North High Street)
  4. Adriatico’s New York Style
  5. Rubino’s Pizza
  6. Figlio (Grandview Avenue)
  7. Mikey’s Late Night Slice (North High Street)
  8. OH Pizza & Brew
  9. Tommy’s Pizza (Lane Avenue, west)
  10.  Hounddog’s Three Degree Pizza
  11. Villa Nova Ristorante
  12. Pies & Pints
  13. Figlio (Riverside Drive)
  14. Pizza Rustica 
  15. Dewey’s Pizza (West 5th Avenue)
  16. Tommy’s Pizza (Lane Avenue, east)
  17. Pizza House 
  18. Mellow Mushroom (Polaris Parkway)
  19. Pauli’s Gee’s 
  20. Terita’s (Cleveland Avenue)
  21. Blaze Pizza
  22. MOD Pizza (Polaris Parkway)
  23. Giordano’s (Polaris Parkway)
  24. Plank’s Cafe & Pizzeria 
  25. Sarefino’s
  26. Plank’s Bier Garten
  27. Ange’s (Karl Road)
  28.  GoreMade Pizza
  29. Domino’s (Northwest Boulevard)

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