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This long-standing local food truck is calling it quits

This long-standing local food truck is calling it quits

Jack McLaughlin

Yesterday afternoon, on a day that also doubled as its eighth anniversary, one of the more prominent names in the Columbus food truck scene announced its closure.

Por’Ketta, the pork-focused concept from owner Tony Layne, posted a lengthy statement to its social media accounts yesterday to share the announcement.

“Today is a bittersweet one indeed. Happy because today is our eighth anniversary on these Columbus streets and beyond and sad because we will not open and running for business any longer,” the statement reads.


Owner Tony Layne told 614Now that the closure is effective immediately. 

The Food truck, which frequented Columbus proper in addition to many surrounding cities like Dublin and Westerville, cited several factors for shuttering in its statement.

“After many discussions both heated and calm, cool, and collected, it just does not fit into the family plan anymore,” the statement reads. “Last year was very tough inflation-wise, product sourcing-wise and labor market-wise.”

While Layne said he doesn’t have another food concept lined up anytime soon, he added that he wouldn’t rule out the possibility completely. What he was sure of, however, was gratitude for the support from Por’Ketta’s customers throughout the years.

“I’m not going to lie, seeing everybody wish is luck and say they’ll miss us and things like that kind of tugged at heartstrings today,” he said.

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