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Upscale, all you can eat Asian BBQ restaurant opening this fall

Upscale, all you can eat Asian BBQ restaurant opening this fall

Sav McKee

The holes in the dining tables are intentional at this new, Chinese hot pot & BBQ spot.

This fall, restaurant owner Hangchun Zheng is opening his latest concept, One Pot – a hot pot restaurant that he believes will help expand his own Chinese culture to Columbus.

“I think my new restaurant will allow the people of Columbus to try a lot of different things they haven’t before,” emphasized Zheng. “Hot pot is popular in mainland China, but the popularity hasn’t reached Columbus yet like it’s reached L.A. and NYC.”

This concept involves hot pots on every table, filled with broths of your choice (vegan options, like tomato or miso broth included!). Plates of seafood, meats, and vegetables will revolve around the dining room. Guests will steam them in the hot pots centered at their tables, and after everything is cooked, smothering it all in house dipping sauces is suggested. And of course, fancy cocktails featuring Asian liquors such as soju and sake will be available, too.


For anyone who’s never tried hot pot before, Zheng and his team will offer a starter package. “We realize there will be a lot of new customers who don’t know what to order or even how to order. We’ll have a starter package – beef brisket, different types of veggies, house dipping sauces – basically a little bit of everything on the menu,” ensured Zheng.

Zheng currently owns and operates HC Asian Bistros in Columbus and a seafood boil in Cleveland. He was ready to venture out into another concept that represents his culture, and specifically a restaurant that brings friends and families together. Zheng said, “I moved from China when I was 11. Chinese food and hot pots are a part of me – it’s part of what I know and part of who I am. There’s a lot of different types of Chinese food, and I want to share all of it with Columbus.”

One Pot is planning on opening within the next 3 months at 3720 Dublin Granville Rd. Zheng has been planning the opening for over a year, meticulously focusing on the fine details, such as architectural drawings and renderings to really elevate this restaurant so that it no longer resembles the Joe’s Crab Shack that once preoccupied the building. 

Here’s a sneak peek:

The front foyer of One Pot via Zheng
A party room via Zheng
The main dining room via Zheng
An intimate private room via Zheng

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