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According to sales data, Ohio’s favorite Halloween candy is…

According to sales data, Ohio’s favorite Halloween candy is…

Jack McLaughlin

While Reese’s Cups are the most popular Halloween candy in the country, according to sales data, the top treat in the Buckeye State may come as a bit of a surprise.

Would you guess Ohio’s most popular candy to be Twix? Butterfinger? Sour Patch Kids? All wrong, actually. Believe it or not, the Blow Pop is the Buckeye State’s favorite.

According to’s data, Ohioans purchased a total of 171,607 pounds of Blow Pops last year.

BROUGHT TO YOU BY, which sells candy across the country, analyzes its own sales data from the last 16 years (from 2006-2022), ranking each state’s three most popular candies. Ohio was the only state favoring the Blow Pop as its top choice, which isn’t really too surprising, if you ask us.

Ohio’s runner-up candies were M&Ms in second place, with 159,547 pounds sold, and Starburst in third, with 149,207 pounds sold.

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