After allegedly requesting personal photos from players, recently-hired Columbus Blue Jackets coach resigns

Jack McLaughlin

Before coaching a single regular season with his new team, newly-hired Columbus Blue Jackets coach Mike Babock has resigned, according to an AP report.

Published yesterday, the story noted that Babock, who was hired over the summer, resigned amid controversy and an investigation that stemmed from him allegedly asking players for access to personal photos in their cell phones.

The Blue Jackets released a statement about Babock’s resignation this morning on the team’s social media pages.


According to an earlier AP report, the host of the Spittin’ Chiclets Podcast Paul Bissonnette was told by an unidentified player that Babock asked to see photos on the phone of captain Boone Jenner. The incident was first covered by the podcast on Sept. 12.

While several Blue Jackets players have publicly stated they didn’t feel Babock crossed a line, the NHL Players’ Association opened an investigation into the incident earlier this month.

Babock, who has seen a Stanley Cup victory and a pair of olympic gold medals as a coach of the Canadian national team, has been replaced by Pascal Vincent as head coach, the team announced yesterday.

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