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Cbus beats L.A., NYC, & Miami for best cities to live in – here’s where and why we ranked so high

Cbus beats L.A., NYC, & Miami for best cities to live in – here’s where and why we ranked so high

Sav McKee

Cbus is the 14th largest city in the U.S., and now, it’s officially the 26th best city to live in.

According to Clever, a real estate website that specializes in rating and categorizing cities, Columbus is quite the destination for easy living. “Our ‘Best of 2023’ analysis serves as a resource to help Americans weigh the pros and cons of staying in their current location or seeking greener pastures elsewhere,” said Clever.

Clever used 16 different studies to compile a list of the best cities to live in, ranging from home prices, commuter distances, best food & drink (like pizza, burgers, beer, coffee, tacos and BBQ), and overall friendliness. Columbus was ranked #14 for most affordable housing, #14 in lowest rent-to-income ratio, #25 for best food, #12 for best burgers, and #5 for best commuter cities. All of this culminated to an overall #26 place for best cities in the United States.

Surprisingly, Buffalo, NY, came out on top at the #1 spot. It was considered the second-best city for commuters and has seen the second-lowest increase in home prices in the nation, making it one of the best cities to live in the U.S.!


The bottom-ranking city is Miami, FL. While this city has a thriving and bustling food and drink scene, unfortunately, rent and home prices are too high for them to be considered a “top city.”  Ironically, Miami was placed 15th on their list for cities that people want to live in the most.

Next time someone questions your choice to live, and stay, in Columbus, Ohio, show them this study!

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