City shuts down illegal nightclub operating in back of smoke shop

Jack McLaughlin

The office of Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein recently put the cork into an illegal after-hours club.

According to a press release, Klein’s office has filed a court order against the owners of Smoke Shop & Hookah Lounge at 2400 E. Dublin Granville Rd. The order states the property must be vacated for the time being. A preliminary hearing will be held on April 27.

Police served a search warrant at the property on April 15 at 1:30 a.m., where two people were charged after police discovered and seized “property associated with the illegal operation,” which reportedly included alcohol, music equipment and more. Smoke Shop & Hookah Lounge did not hold a liquor permit.


“We’ve seen increased crime and violence emanating from illegal after-hours clubs across the city, and now is the time to crack down on operators who skirt liquor laws, ignore occupancy and safety codes, and overlook violence spilling out into the community,” Klein said in a press release. “If a bar, club or any business threatens public safety, we’ll use every legal tool we have to hold owners accountable. The City is sending a clear message: you can’t set up illegal clubs and expect to operate under your own set of rules. We’ll shut you down.”

The city is currently investigating a possible link between the Northland spot and a different illegal after-hours club. Called “The Underground,” the illegal club was located in Franklinton and was shut down by officials last month.

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